Move to establish Mayo hospital's patient discharge procedures

A member of the HSE West Forum wants to establish who makes the ultimate decision in relation to the discharge of a patient from Mayo University Hospital (MUH).

Councillor Michael Kilcoyne said recent concerns have been raised with him in respect of the matter.

He elaborated: "It is important for the public to know who takes the responsibility in these cases and if consultation takes place with the patient’s family.

"I am also seeking information in regard to whether or not consultation takes place with a patient's family in the event of a patient being transferred to another hospital.

"I believe these are very critical matters and I hope to be in a position to provide the information to those who have contacted me after the next meeting of the forum on February 26 next.”

The independent representative has also tabled a motion calling on the Minister for Health to substantially increase the income limit for medical card applicants and that persons 70 years and over are automatically entitled to the full medical card without a means test.

"This is a matter causing a great deal of anxiety for people and it needs to be resolved."

In one of his other listed questions, Councillor Kilcoyne wants of list of all current services being provided at the primary care centre in Castlebar and if there are plans to provide additional ones.