Victoria Griffiths-Blitger

Young Sports Stars of the Year Award winner No. 23: Victoria Griffiths-Blitger

Volleyball hasn't featured before in our Young Sports Stars of the Year Awards, but it does this year thanks to a Merit Award for Victoria Griffiths-Blitger.

Despite her introduction to the sport less than two years ago, Victoria has earned a spot on the Mayo Division One team at the tender age of 15.

She trains with both the Under 18 squad as well as the women's senior squad, and has made numerous appearances in Division 1 matches.

With a determined spirit during play, Victoria has proven to be a valuable asset to both teams as she continues her powerful overhand serve and aggressive play in the front court.

As a team-mate, Victoria is a positive player, especially during the Under 18 training sessions where she is quick to help any younger girls who may be struggling with certain skills or rules.

A third year student at Mount St. Michael Secondary School in Claremorris, Victoria has plenty of room to advance and with the combination of her tough mentality and athletic ability.