Iconic image from the Deserted Village as featured on the Whats on in Achill Facebook page.

Unique family reunion at Deserted Village

A VERY unique family reunion is taking place in Achill this weekend.

The last family to live in the Deserted Village – the Callaghans – are getting together on Saturday.

The What's on in Achill Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/WhatsOnInAchill) have reported how Anthony Callaghan and his sister, Annie Ward, were born and raised in the house in the Deserted Village in Slievemore. Both are making the trip to Achill to be part of the reunion along with 50 other family members.

The group are meeting at their old house followed by a gathering in the Annexe Inn in Keel.

Anthony’s daughter, Marie McGuire, said that both Anthony and Annie, the only surviving siblings, have lots of great memories and stories to share about growing up in Slievemore and are looking forward to returning to Achill.

Anthony currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and Annie lives in Donegal.

Photo, as featured on What's on in Achill: The iconic image of the last family to live in the Deserted Village.