A 24- hour helpline is run by the Samaritans for those who need to talk to somebody.

Seek help – Mayo family’s plea to anybody contemplating suicide

THE family of a Mayo man took his own life last May issued a heartfelt public appeal today for anybody with suicidal thoughts to seek assistance.

At an inquest in Castlebar, the family, through their solicitor, Mr. Myles Staunton, delivered a statement putting on record their desire that anybody with personal problems should not keep them hidden as “there is help our there."

The family listed the family G.P., Pieta House, the Family Centre, Castlebar, or the 24- hour helpline run by the Samaritans, 116 123 as ‘trusted’ individuals and agencies who could assist if contacted.

The statement said if their loved one’s death prevented even one suicide and spared one family the grief they are enduring since his death they it would be worthwhile.

The coroner, Patrick O’Connor, said the family had to be commended for what he described as a noble and caring gesture in making their public statement in the hope that the lives of others contemplating suicide in the future might be saved.