Alleged Covid breach at Mayo's clash with Dublin

Were strict rules infringed at Croke Park?

by Aiden Henry

A controversy has arisen over an alleged breach of the Covid restrictions in place for those attending the All-Ireland senior football final against Dublin at Croke Park on December 19.

Sources are speculating that two people not on the Mayo GAA's official list of attendees gained access to the game.

Only those on the two 26-player matchday squads and non-playing panel members, along with 12 members of the management and backroom teams, were permitted entry.

However, it is alleged that two people not part of the official Mayo party gained entry in breach of regulations.

When contacted, the chairman of Mayo County Board, Liam Moffatt, said: “To my knowledge, everyone who gained entry to Croke Park for the All-Ireland final on December 19 were checked by security at the gate of the stadium.”

Prior to the final the president of the GAA, John Horan, stated that the guidelines for the final were very strict and they were going to be fully compliant.

“Even the President and Taoiseach are both set to miss the All-Ireland finals for the first time in their history due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“We sought the easing of that restriction, along with other measures, but these were all refused by the government.

"We approached the Department of Sport about increasing the capacity, letting family members in and feeding teams afterwards. All those requests were turned down.

“We have to respect that. They have their reasons and they are trying to control the pandemic. The guidelines have been very strict and we are going to be fully compliant."

The GAA is expected to conduct an investigation into the allegation.

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