A scene from the re-enactment in Newport today. PHOTO: ALISON LAREDO

Historical re-enactment in Newport to mark 300-year celebrations

The town of Newport has marked its 300th anniversary with the historical re-enactment of the town's origins.

"A Journey in Time" took place today with a street pageant watched by a large gathering.

Phil McHale as John Peck in the Newport 300 re-enactment of the foundation of the west Mayo town. PHOTO: ALISON LAREDO

Time was turned back three centuries as Captain Pratt arrived on Medlicott Street where he set up the new town of "Newport" with the help of a Quaker community.

Dennis Farrell, Ciaran O'Donnell, Pat Gibbons and Fergus Rothwell in the Newport 300 re-enactment.

Local people donned period costumes as they became Quakers for the occasion with a number of stalls set up to reflect bygone times.

Jane Sheridan and John Quinn in period costumes.

There was a fascinating scene on the Viaduct Bridge as Captain Pratt and his visionary friend Brian Rua O'Cearabhainn encountering a sea captain and an army of red coats.

It was followed by renditions of a specially composed sea shanty: "We're Bound for Newport Town - HEY."

After the event, former Taoiseach Enda Kenny, launched the book "Newport 300 - The First 200 Years (1720 -1920)" by the local historical committee.


Sisters Fran and Annette McDonnell.
Marguerite Gannon as Kate Gibbons.
Two young actors in the Newport 300 reenactment.
Mary Kilroy O'Haire and PJ McLoughlin were in the audience.
Lina Stein and Aine Phillips in fine hats to watch the Newport 300 reenactment.
A scene from the re-enactment. Photo by Alison Laredo