The memorial to Castlebar man David Gavin erected on the bridge at Kinbasket Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

New team involved in search for David Gavin in Canada

THE Gavin family, Castlebar, has issued a statement to outline their ongoing search for David Gavin who has been missing since June 30 when he jumped into the Beaver River which feeds Kinbasket Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

David's parents, Michael and Angela, and his girlfriend, Ciara O'Malley, have returned to Canada to continue the search.

The statement outlined: “We made contact with a new search team from Calgary, who are willing to help us in the search for David. 

“The good news is they arrived today (Friday) with top of the range equipment. They have a boat with sonar equipment. They also are bringing five search dogs. These dogs will search the lake and the shores.

“On top of that we have Gene and Sandy Ralston, the couple from Idaho who spent 15 days at the lake before (angels sent from above), arriving and will stay for at least a week. 

“We have mantained daily contact with Gene and Sandy and they are determined they will help us solve the puzzle and find where David is. 

“They are magificent people and now refer to us as their extended family. They also have top of the range equipment (Sonar and a Robot that they can put into the water and can search the area). 

“It is their experience that will be our secret weapon into finding David. They are the most experienced search team in northern America. We are very confident in there experience and pray they will help us find David and bring him home. 

“On top of that we have we have a search dog who partipated in the search called Luce and his owner Robin arriving this evening and they also will stay for several days. 

“Luce is a very well experience dog and last time played a big part in solving some clues in the search for David. Myself and the family are very eager to have him back and Robin his handler, who is amazing at her job.  

“So to sum things up over the next week we have a lot of resources out on the water. We will remain positive and pray we get the results we are looking for and bring David home. 

“We just wanted to keep all the generous people who donated money updated to where this is going. We could not have got these resources without the kindness and generosity of the people who supported us. Thank you.â€

A memorial Mass for David was celebrated at the Church of the Holy Rosary, Castlebar, on August 2, after which, in a moving ceremony, a maple tree (symbol of Canada) was planted at Lough Lannagh  and a dove released.