Main Street, Castlebar. (File image)

'Anarchy' on streets of county town

THERE is widespread anarchy on the streets of the county town, a meeting of Mayo County Council was told yesterday (Monday) afternoon.

Members of the public are being intimidated by people 'roaming' the streets and the business community are very concerned, Councillor Michael Kilcoyne said.

He queried when the new Mayo Joint Policing Committee (JPC) is going to begin its work in the context of what is happening in Castlebar.

Issues had arisen in a local playground this week too, he said, where children were hit by these 'I can only refer to them as thugs' and the gardaí were called.

The playground, he added, was supposed to have a caretaker looking after it. But these people went in there and belted these young fellas about.

These fellas were down the town where people are being intimidated and businesses are complaining about them, he added.

Councillor Kilcoyne explained how street CCTV is being compromised - trees on the streets planted by the council are in full leaf, preventing the cameras from getting proper evidence.

He called for the JPC to be re-established as a matter of urgency to deal with issues such as this.



Meanwhile, the Castlebar business community is considering a 'shutdown' to highlight their concerns over issues of anti-social behaviour.

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